Profile Experts Share Insider Tips for Better Social Profile Photos, while TV Campaign Addresses “Double Chin”

KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injection 10 mg/mL Puts “Profiles in Focus” With Expert Panel And New Direct-To-Consumer Campaign.

Kybella double chin prescription medicine
Kybella double chin prescription medicine

Studies show that more than two-thirds of aesthetically-oriented consumers are bothered by submental fullness, or “double chin.”1 And with social media profile images becoming more important than ever, there is interest in looking one’s best.

Submental fullness due to fat beneath the chin can impact a broad range of both men and women and because the condition can be genetic and resistant to diet and exercise.2 But there’s KYBELLA®, the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that is available by prescription only, that has been proven to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin by physically destroying fat cells in the treatment area.3

In two pivotal clinical studies for KYBELLA®, reductions in submental fat volume were observed more frequently in the KYBELLA®treated group of 514 patients compared to the placebo group (508 patients) as measured by both clinician and patient ratings. In addition, visual and emotional impacts of submental fat (happy, bothered, self-conscious, embarrassed, looking older or overweight) were evaluated using a 6-question survey and 79% of 1 and 2-grade composite responders reported satisfaction after 12 weeks post final treatment compared with 33.6% of patients who received placebo.3

KYBELLA® can cause serious side effects including nerve injury in the jaw that can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness and trouble swallowing. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.3

“The extraordinary reach of social media means our image is everywhere these days,” says photographer Peter Hurley, author of The Headshot, “but unfortunately I have a lot clients tell me they actually avoid appearing in social media photos because they’re unhappy or feel self-conscious about the way they look in these images.”
So to help men and women everywhere put their best profiles forward on social media, KYBELLA®, gathered a panel of profile experts to develop tips and tricks to help people improve their social media profile photos.

KYBELLA®, the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that is available by prescription only, that has been proven to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin by physically destroying fat cells in the treatment area.

Photographer Peter Hurley recommends the following photo strategies:

  • On your feet: Sitting for a photo can add weight (especially if you slouch). I prefer my clients to stand, which just naturally elongates the body.”
  • Find the right chin angle: “In my studio, the positioning of a subject’s chin is one of the first things I discuss before we shoot. The best way to ensure a strong chin angle is to face the camera and bring your forehead toward the camera and slightly down. Once your chin is in the right position, imagine there’s a hook attached to the crown of your head that’s pulling you toward the ceiling. Your goal is to elongate the neck and tighten the skin around your jawline so the light can wrap around it more sharply.”
  • Don’t forget to squinch: “Squinching” is a technique I made up for my clients to help them look more attractive and approachable. To “squinch,” bring your lower eyelids up slightly toward your pupils. Practice in a mirror and you’ll notice a subtle but impactful difference.”
  • Hold a sub: “To slim your upper arms and shoulders, position yourself as if you are holding a large sub sandwich with your elbows tucked into your sides. Then widen your hands as if holding a 6 foot-long sub, with your elbows still tucked. The difference is incredible.”
  • The best background: “My headshots are typically done on a white background, which is clean and simple. I also prefer a close horizontal crop. The open space it creates around a subject can be very impactful and creates what I call “lookability,” which is the ability of an image to get attention.”
  • The right crop: “After you have an image you like, it’s time to crop it effectively. I like to zoom in and crop a little off the top of a subject’s head. This puts the eyes above the centerline of the image and calls attention to the chin line and shoulders as well.”

But it’s not just about looking great in that selfie. Having the wrong social media profile picture can also be bad business. “Social media has given everyone the opportunity to be their own brand and allow potential employers to see who you are beyond your résumé, cover letter, or interview,” says Maggie Mistal, career counselor and host of the podcast “Make a Living with Maggie. “And of course your photo is an important component of your social profile.”

To create or select a profile photo that may help get a hiring manager’s attention, Career Counselor Maggie Mistal has the following tips:

  • Go it alone: “Make sure your image is a professional-looking headshot of you alone. Avoid cropping other people out of photos, which never looks professional, and avoid distracting backgrounds like tourist landmarks.”
  • Say cheese: “Look at the camera and smile. Your image and facial expression should draw people in for a closer look. You want people to be interested in who you are and excited about getting to know you better.”
  • Be consistent: “Once you have a winning image use it across all your channels – not just LinkedIn. Don’t assume because you use Facebook to connect with friends and family a prospective employer won’t look there.”
  • Beyond the profile photo: “Remove any photos that depict you in an unflattering way (and I don’t mean physically), but be sure to share photos that give employers a positive look at your life and interests outside of work. For example, if you run marathons or volunteer in the community, make sure to share those photos.

To start the conversation and motivate people to learn more about KYBELLA®, the brand launched a new direct-to-consumer campaign, designed to resonate with men and women who have a double chin and introduce them to this minimally invasive injectable treatment for moderate to severe fat under the chin. The national TV campaign emphasizes that double chin isn’t just caused by aging – it can also be genetic. And with KYBELLA® you can do something about that double chin you “inherited.”

To learn more about submental fullness and the Live Chin Up Campaign, visit To learn more about KYBELLA® and find a physician in your area visit


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